Snowbirds: Heading South for the Winter?

winterizing your home a guide for snowbirds an image of a cabin

Whether you’re leaving your house for the winter, closing up a vacation home or storing a boat or RV, you need to take certain steps to prevent moisture damage while you’re away.  Winterizing your home is an important step to protect your property. It may take some extra time to close up a second home, but it is worth it to protect it while you’re away, especially for long periods of time.  DampRid Moisture Absorbers prevent musty odors and moisture damage while you’re away so you have piece of mind knowing you won’t come back to smelly, musty odors.

Follow these easy steps to winterize your home:

  • Make your home appear like you’ve never left.   Forward your mail, stop the newspapers and ask a neighbor to collect flyers or junk mail that may be left by your door or mailbox.
  • Turn on our alarm systems and use motion-activated lights outside.  Place timers on interiors lights to turn on and off at various times.
  • Install dead bolts on doors and slide locks on windows.  Take all valuables with you.
  • Your can protect your pipes from bursting by turning off the water supply.  Check with your heating professional to determine if you can turn off the water supply to your particular heating system.  If you have a fire sprinkler system, do not turn off the water to it.  Flush out the water by flushing toilets and turning on faucets.
  • If you do not want to turn off the water, keep your home temperature at 55 degrees or higher.
  • Place DampRid in all bathrooms, basements, closets and laundry rooms to prevent excess moisture and moisture damage.
  • If you have outside irrigation turn off the supply and flush out the water.
  • Unplug all appliances and phones.
  • Thoroughly clean the home and remove all food to discourage pests.  Place in containers and storage bags.  Close the fireplace to prevent animals from coming inside.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to have access to your home in case of emergency or to check occasionally while you are away.
  • Do not post on social media that you are away.


how DampRid can help in winterizing your home a man holding a DampRid mega moisture absorber    How DampRid Can Help in Winterizing Your Home

DampRid Moisture Absorbers attract and trap the excess moisture to prevent musty odors white the home, boat or RV is not in use.  Humidity is stagnant during storage due to little or no air circulation.  Leaving DampRid around your home, boat or RV eliminates the excess moisture that can cause moisture damage.