Refillable Product questions

Should I break-up or chip the DampRid crystals after they harden and form a solid mass?

No, crystals will solidify as a normal part of the excess moisture-absorbing process.

Why are there crystals that resemble ice in the bottom chamber?

This can be caused by a sudden change in either temperature or humidity. To remove the crystals, run water over the formation until it dissolves.

Should I empty the collected liquid before all the DampRid crystals have dissolved?

No, instead of evaporating into the air, the liquid will continue to absorb a small amount of moisture.

Should I add more DampRid crystals to the top of the container before they are all dissolved?

No, allow all the crystals to dissolve before adding more, otherwise it may alter the absorption process or damage the plastic container.

When should I empty the container?

Empty the container when all the crystals have dissolved from the basket.

Why do the top of the crystals change colors?

The top of the crystals may change color from impurities called bromide, which do not affect DampRid’s performance.

How long will this product control moisture?

The Refillable Moisture Absorber provides up to 45 days of moisture control, depending on temperature and conditions. Refill it using one of the DampRid Refill products.

Do I need to buy a new container each time?

The Refillable Moisture Absorber container is reusable and will last for many years.

How should I dispose of the liquid?

You can flush the liquid down the toilet or pour it in the sink; it’s septic safe.

How do I open the DampRid Refill Bag?

Open the bag by tearing the perforation above the zip-lock seal.

How many refills does the DampRid Refill Bag contain?

The DampRid Refill Bag is an economical, easy-to-pour re-closeable pouch that provides four refills.

What is the shelf life for the Refillable Moisture Absorber?

This Refillable Moisture Absorber has an unlimited shelf life; it’s good until it’s used up.