Odor Genie questions

How does the Odor Genie work?

The Odor Genie combines a solid gel with a layer of activated charcoal to continuously absorb stubborn odors from the air, but does not remove excess moisture. Use it anywhere recurring odors are a problem.

What makes the Odor Genie different?

It’s a solid odor eliminator that does not absorb moisture.

What are the black specks in this product?

The black particles are activated charcoal which help absorb odors.

Can I refill the Odor Genie?

No, the Odor Genie is disposable. Discard it responsibly after 60 days.

Where can I find the DampRid Odor Genie?

DampRid products, including the Odor Genie, are sold on this website and in stores nationwide. See all our products