About WM Barr

our parent company

Care of the home…care of the person — this is the focus of every product W.M. Barr makes. Beyond DampRid®’s natural capacity to reduce indoor humidity and create cleaner, fresher air, we make products that combat mold stains to keep homes clean and efficient. We offer products that clean up tough, sticky messes that ordinary household cleaners can’t. Our products make old paint removal easier–new paint adhere better­–and provide lasting protection for the home. Our Microban® antimicrobial protection is used by manufacturers the world over to protect against microbes at the molecular level. Every product we make is formulated to work faster, perform better and deliver superior results for you, your home and family.

For more than seven decades, W.M. Barr has been building a portfolio of products that meet the needs of consumer and commercial marketplaces. As a result, our brands are among the most widely recognized and respected in their categories…and our company has become the largest national manufacturer of solvents, removers, fuels, and cleaning and surface prep products.