Disposable Product questions

Should I cut the protective cover to empty the collected liquid?

No, there is no need to cut the protective cover. When all of the DampRid crystals are gone, discard the entire Disposable Moisture Absorber responsibly.

Is the Disposable Moisture Absorber spill-proof?

No, but the protective cover helps make it spill-resistant. If the Disposable Moisture Absorber is flipped over for an extended period of time the protective cover may become saturated and some of the collected liquid may escape.

Can I use the Disposable Moisture Absorber in my pantry?

Yes, it can be used in the pantry as it does not emit any vapors and is safe around food items.

What are the black specks in the Disposable Moisture Absorber?

The black particles are activated charcoal, which help absorb odors.

When should I discard this unit?

Discard it responsibly when all the DampRid crystals have dissolved from the top of the unit.