Hanging Moisture Absorber questions

Should I cut the clear chamber at the bottom to empty the collected liquid?

No, there is no need to cut the Hanging Moisture Absorber bag. When the collected liquid reaches the replacement indicator line discard the hanging moisture absorber.

Should I break up the crystals if they harden and form a solid mass?

No. the DampRid crystals will solidify as a normal part of the excess moisture-absorbing process.

Should I break up the crystal mass in the collected liquid chamber?

No. This crystallization in the bottom chamber will occur when there is a rapid temperature change. Do not squeeze or break up the crystal accumulation. As the DampRid crystals collect more moisture, the mass will begin to dissolve.

Is there a Hanging Moisture Absorber that’s fragrance free?

Yes, learn more about our Fragrance Free Hanging Moisture Absorber.

How long does the Hanging Moisture Absorber last?

The Moisture Absorber lasts up to 60 days depending on temperature and conditions.

How should I dispose of the liquid?

When all of the DampRid crystals are gone, discard the entire Hanging Moisture Absorber responsibly.

Are Hanging Moisture Absorbers refillable?

No, they are a disposable product.