Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Do you live in a hurricane prone area? Do not procrastinate on organizing an emergency response plan.  Much of the prep work that goes into it is what to do during the storm but it’s easy to forget that clean-up is sometimes harder and more important. Add the following to your hurricane list and be prepared for the next storm.

What is a Hurricane Supply List?

A hurricane supply list is a simple, straightforward list that puts the most important supplies needed in writing. Without a well thought out list, certain items are easily forgotten. At DampRid, we pride ourselves in helping people think of the unexpected. You could say, it’s our job to think about hurricanes and specifically, moisture damage. Afterall, our products are designed to protect your property from the dangers of too much moisture.

We have created a checklist that puts some of the essentials in writing, our hope is that it helps guide you on your own path of prepping.

DampRid List for Hurricane Preparedness

Unlike other lists for what to do during a hurricane, we have prepared a series of items that will help you with the clean-up. What many people forget is how important the immediate 24 hours are after a storm hits. If you can get ahead of damage before it becomes serious, your property will be less of a mess.



  1. Check the exterior for damage. Initial inspection of your property following a hurricane needs to focus on the outside. The exterior walls and roof are instrumental in protecting the interior. Look for holes that water can leak into. Large tree branches may have fallen and damaged the roof. Windows can be broken and rain can be getting inside. Locate any damage and fix it immediately.
  2. Materials needed to fix exterior damage. Unfortunately, some damage can be impossible or dangerous to fix yourself. Improvise on solutions until professional help can be found.
    1. Tarps. Waterproof and inexpensive. Hang tarps over holes in the roof or damaged walls and windows. Prevent rain from leaking inside and causing even more damage.
    2. Rope. Nylon rope is easily found at your local hardware store. Have enough to tie tarps and hold down construction materials from wind and rain.
    3. Hammer and Nails. Simple and effective, nailing down shingles and wood can go long way in preventing more damage from occurring.
  3. Check for interior damage. Next on the list for hurricane preparedness is the interior. Once the outside is reinforced, begin any cleanup on the inside.
    1. Materials needed for interior damage. Immediate cleanup and prevention is recommended to prevent even worse damage from occurring.
    2. Rubber Gloves. Contacting waterlogged debris is gross and potentially dangerous – wear gloves!
    3. Trash bags. Throw away everything that is beyond saving as soon as possible. Keeping an ample supply of trash bags will make your life easier.
    4. DampRid. Place DampRid in the closets, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms to dry out areas.  It doesn’t require electricity.
    5. Mold Armor Mold Remover & Disinfectant.  Use this 3 in 1 cleaner to clean, kill bacteria & viruses and prevent future mold growth.
    6. Patience. Patience is necessary to avoid stressing yourself out. Cleaning up after a hurricane is hard work and it won’t be completed in a day.