Emergency Preparedness

Household emergencies can come in many forms, from children spilling liquids to all-out natural disasters, such as floods. Being prepared for the unknown and what’s possible is essential for protecting your family and property. Perhaps the most serious and long-lasting type of damage is caused by water. Pervasive, hard to clean-up, seemingly benign water damage can ferment over time and cause potential monetary and health damages. That’s why preparing emergency essentials can save you trouble, and money in the long run.

Are You Prepared For an Emergency?

Emergencies happen quickly, which is why they are called emergencies.  It is important to have toolkit prepared in advance for dealing with emergencies. In a serious situation, it can be much harder to find supplies or it is easy to forget about all you will need. That’s where we come in, here at DampRid, it’s our job to think through what can happen as a result of moisture and we created a list to help you plan for the improbable but not impossible.

Understand what you are facing. Watch news reports and check the weather frequently. Staying vigilant will allow you to act quickly in case the unexpected occurs.

Place all valuables above the potential water line. Move any big-ticket items, such as televisions and computers to areas of your house well away from high water lines. This can be as simple as putting them on a shelf or moving them to the 2nd floor.

Make a clean-up kit. In the event of an emergency, having a supplies kit filled with emergency essentials will save you stress and time. Wait until your property is safe to return to or until after the initial event happens, then begin clean-up.

Items for your clean-up kit

  • Rubber Gloves. Contacting waterlogged debris is gross and potentially dangerous – wear gloves!
  • Trash bags. Throw away everything that is beyond saving as soon as possible. Keeping an ample supply of trash bags will make your life easier.
  • Place DampRid in the closets, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms to dry out areas. It doesn’t require electricity.
  • Mold Armor Mold Remover & Disinfectant. Use this 3 in 1 cleaner to clean, kill bacteria & viruses and prevent future mold growth.


Emergency Preparedness is for Responsible Individuals

Responding to an emergency ultimately falls on your shoulders. With proper preparedness and the strategic use of emergency essential items, you can alleviate the worst consequences of emergencies. Having a well-rationed clean-up kit makes minor household occurrences, such as spills or rainstorms, easier to deal with. Prepare for the worst but use your tools proactively and you can prevent seemingly unexciting occurrences from getting out of control. Using DampRid halts moisture damage and helps you protect what’s actually important.